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Economic Research Service 

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Natural Resouces, environment, & Conservation

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  • Global Resources & Environmental Issues 

  • Irrigation & Water Use 

  • Land Use 

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Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change Issues of Longrun Sustainability

Abstract: "Early evaluations of the effects of climate change on agriculture, which did not account for economic adjustments or consider the broader economic and environmental implications of such changes, overestimated the negative effects of climate change. This report, which highlights ERS research, focuses on economic adaptation and concludes there is considerably more sectoral flexibility and adaptability than found in other analyses. The report frames the discussion of economic adjustments within the context of global agricultural environmental sustainability".

Authors: David Schimmelpfennig, Jan Lewandrowski, John Reilly, Marinos Tsigas, and Ian Parry.

Source:  Economic Research Service. U.S. Department of  Agriculture. (Agricultural Economic Report No. 740. 68 pp, June 1996).

World Agriculture and Climate Change Economic Adaptations

Abstract:"Recent studies suggest that possible global increases in temperature and changes in precipitation patterns during the next century will affect world agricul-ture. Because of the ability of farmers to adapt , however, these changes are not likely to imperil world food production. Nevertheless, world production of all goods and services may decline, if climate change is severe enough or if cropland expansion is hindered. Impacts are not equally distributed around the world".

Authors: Roy Darwin, Marinos Tsigas, Jan Lewandrowski, and Anton Raneses.

Source:  Economic Research Service. U.S. Department of  Agriculture. (Agricultural Economic Report No. 703. 100 pp, June 1995).



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